Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Words and Things-Wednesday Edition

Words and Things Wednesday Edition:

"My only mistake, throughout this long and hopeless existence, has been looking for love." she wept

Now there's a mouthful, huh? The strangest bits of dialogue are always coming to me and since my phone is littered with quick notes of them, I thought I would start sharing more of them. I posted a driving edition a couple weeks ago that might actually turn into something. Only time and my brain will tell.

Wishing you a a wonderful Wednesday! The weekend is just around the corner :)

Artfully Odd

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dreaming of Gloss

Hmmm Butter Gloss! NYX Blackberry Pie. Getting my Morticia on this afternoon. Ok...Love the texture and it has a cake batter taste to it...but it is a tad messy to get on. It's a true gloss, so it will smudge on contact. Don't give up on the first try of application. The color is extremely dark, as the name suggests...but I kind of like it. Makes me feel mysterious, lol. Perfect for that inner bad-ass I know I have! Wearing it all day though? Or on a night out on the town? I am not so sure that would work without some sort of sealer being applied to it. As I stated above, this gloss will smudge on contact. Having said all of this though, I would most certainly recommend! Go on! Give it a try and have some fun with it! After all...We need more fun in this crazy world we live in!