Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Celbration Day

It's celebration day my friends! That's right, we have our little hats on and the streamers are flying in the Artfully Odd household tonight! It gives me great pleasure to announce that the book is done the right way and live on amazon as I type! I have been doing a happy dance all afternoon! Get the scoop and support your local author :)

A big thanks to everyone who helped us on the road to being published. I know I cried and yelled a lot during editing, (Bettina, you remember that night, lol) but this has been a labor of love! Thank you to all my friends and family that stood by me during this process...even with my ugly cry and all, lol! Thank you to my publisher, Linkville and my editor Amanda for making a gals dream come true and making this book look so beautiful. Thank you to my co author, you helped create a wonderful story foundation that led us to this day! A thousand thank you's from a very happy girl :) I hope you all like it!

With a very grateful heart-
Artfully Odd

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Words & Things

Something I am working on now:

I awoke with a start, afraid that everything had been a dream. Reaching out next to me, I searched for the comfort I so desperately sought, until my fingers touched his hair. It was only then that I exhaled. A hand quickly rose up out of the darkness to claim mine and I felt the tender press of  his lips.

"I'm here sweetheart." 

"I was afraid." I whispered.

Eric sat up next to me, his arms enfolding me as he kissed me gently. 

"Do not for a moment think that I will ever leave you again my love."

"Eric, what have we done?" I pleaded with him.

"Shh." he whispered, pulling me back down with him to the pillows. "Not here sweetheart. This place is just for us. We left the outside world at the gates. We will face whatever awaits us soon enough."

I snuggled further into his grasp as his muscled arms held me tight."For now, just lay with me for a bit Lex. Just close your eyes and rest. I am here with you and all is the way it should be."

Sleep came quickly, pulling me down into its smooth, velvet depths. The likes of which I had not experienced since they told me Eric was dead.... 

(C) Anna Patten
Artfully Odd

Architecture & Works in the Works

Hello out there! I hope that this finds everyone doing well. Things have been pretty busy around here as of late. I have been doing more traveling, planning traveling and unpacking than I have in quite some time. I have been enjoying it to say the least. I love venturing out and exploring new places and things. If you follow my Instagram, you  have seen some of my adventures and you might have noticed my resurgence of architecture photos. It's been an awaking of sorts, a love affair so to speak. I have always had a love of beautiful buildings, but lately, I can't stop looking at and snapping them. There's something so beautiful in lines and design. My favorites seem to be the art deco style buildings and I have fallen in love with Frank Lloyd Wrights work. The way the deco and Wrights buildings were built is so terribly different from today's construction, and I am not just talking materials and such. I have been fascinated with the way that these buildings work with the movement of light. How they gently let it become part of their beauty. For me, its much more warm, more earthy, where today's construction seems to be cold. I love the flow of these buildings, where ascetic beauty is part of the experience instead of just form and function. Must be my old soul. Anyway, I could talk about this all day if you let me, so I will digress and move on to save you all the headache, lol.

I have some exciting works in the works and I can not wait to share it with you all. I am waiting on final confirmation before I do share, but its exciting none the less. A project I have been working on for years is about to see light. That's both terrifying and thrilling! So I have been rotating between bouts of  joy and high anxiety. Sometimes, being an artist is a whole gaggle of emotions and I don't quite know what to do with all of them. I am trying to just focus on the last minute things and save my excitement for the big day! I promise to share the deets as soon as I can!

Here's to hoping that this week has treated you right my friends and that this holiday weekend, will be just as wonderful :)

Artfully Odd

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Have You Ever

Have you ever had one of those days where you didn't know what to write? Yea...

The words wont come...