Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Celbration Day

It's celebration day my friends! That's right, we have our little hats on and the streamers are flying in the Artfully Odd household tonight! It gives me great pleasure to announce that the book is done the right way and live on amazon as I type! I have been doing a happy dance all afternoon! Get the scoop and support your local author :)

A big thanks to everyone who helped us on the road to being published. I know I cried and yelled a lot during editing, (Bettina, you remember that night, lol) but this has been a labor of love! Thank you to all my friends and family that stood by me during this process...even with my ugly cry and all, lol! Thank you to my publisher, Linkville and my editor Amanda for making a gals dream come true and making this book look so beautiful. Thank you to my co author, you helped create a wonderful story foundation that led us to this day! A thousand thank you's from a very happy girl :) I hope you all like it!

With a very grateful heart-
Artfully Odd

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