Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Words & Things

Something I am working on now:

I awoke with a start, afraid that everything had been a dream. Reaching out next to me, I searched for the comfort I so desperately sought, until my fingers touched his hair. It was only then that I exhaled. A hand quickly rose up out of the darkness to claim mine and I felt the tender press of  his lips.

"I'm here sweetheart." 

"I was afraid." I whispered.

Eric sat up next to me, his arms enfolding me as he kissed me gently. 

"Do not for a moment think that I will ever leave you again my love."

"Eric, what have we done?" I pleaded with him.

"Shh." he whispered, pulling me back down with him to the pillows. "Not here sweetheart. This place is just for us. We left the outside world at the gates. We will face whatever awaits us soon enough."

I snuggled further into his grasp as his muscled arms held me tight."For now, just lay with me for a bit Lex. Just close your eyes and rest. I am here with you and all is the way it should be."

Sleep came quickly, pulling me down into its smooth, velvet depths. The likes of which I had not experienced since they told me Eric was dead.... 

(C) Anna Patten
Artfully Odd

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