Saturday, June 18, 2016

Random Dialogue thoughts While Driving Home

I am a thinker. Anyone that knows me even a little, knows that my mind doesn't shut off. This is very true when driving. On my way home today, this random dialogue thought popped into my head. Don't know what I will do with it yet, but here it is:

"Would you bleed to love me?" Macy questioned with all the seriousness she could muster. Love was not something she was willing to play around with. Her guy had to be in it all the way or it was time to move on. You know, that all consuming, crazy kind of love. The kind that has you breaking off a piece of your kitchen counter every time you see him.

Macy looked across the table at the man who started back at her. Reaching up, she grabbed a lose chestnut curl and began to twirl it around her finger as she waited for an answer.

He reached up, taking his glasses off and meeting her gaze with a smile. "No, but it's a great song!" With a snicker, he began to clean his glasses with the linen napkin that lie at his side. Once finished, he placed them back on his face, looking at her. The smile faded. "Oh my God, your serious?"

The bell rang, signifying that it was time for him to leave her table. Macy new she wasn't going to find Mr. Right here, but it was sure fun to torture Mr. Wrong a bit.

Anna Patten

Of course it's rough and I am not sure if it will go anywhere or not. Just jotting it down. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :)

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