Friday, August 1, 2014

Busy Summer & Other Stuff

So sorry, I know it has been a bit since I posted here. This summer has been incredibly busy for us and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon either. I enjoy being busy, but I must admit, I am looking forward to our vacation in October! Need a bit of downtime to recharge. How has the summer been for all of  you? I hope that this summer has brought many happy memories with your loved ones.

I have been doing a lot of writing this summer. I am happy to say, I am almost finished with the book I have been working on. I have 15 chapters done so far and expect about 5 or so more before this book is done. For the times that I have encountered writers block with the novel, I have taken to just writing whatever pops into my head. It has helped some and I think I could put all my ramblings together and make something of them....I could, lol, not sure if I will though. However, I could share one or two. Below is one of those ramblings:

Can you die of a broken heart? Can the heartache of it all reach down into parts of  your soul? Can it reach parts of you that you didn't even know you had and splinter them into jagged pieces that you cut yourself on every time you feel? These were questions that I was slowly finding out the answers to.

It had been three days since the news hit my ears and sucked all of the air out of my lungs.  Three days since the shadows darkened my vision and blurred my surroundings with tears that never seemed to dry up. The depths of this well I was in, knew no limit. What was worse was the fact that I was stuck in the past. Stuck reliving memory after painfully beautiful memory.

The current memory of choice was of a beautiful afternoon spent in a field of heather and earth. Brilliant sunshine touched all the loving faces gathered around us. With Lilly's wound in my hair and lips oh so red, I whispered, "I do."  The sunlight reflected off the darker hues of his blonde hair, I remember that it seemed to glow in the warm light.  He smiled, whispering the same and then those close to us cheered as he kissed those oh so red lips with promise. We had so much ahead of us. Wonders of a beautiful life stretched out over the path of time. there was a funny word. It gave you the illusion of infinity, but then slipped through your fingers like grains of sand. And just like that, everything was gone. Stolen in the middle of the night with just one phone call

(C) 2014 Anna Patten

I don't know if there is anything to this or not, but I thought I would share anyway. Maybe after my book is done, I will pick this up where I left off...

Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to get out and do something fun. Go get some ice cream and sit outside in the grass. Feel the sand between your toes or the wind in your hair! Summer is fleeting and we must enjoy it while we can! 

Happy Lammas to all my Pagan friends and happy weekend to all of my friends.

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